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UGA's Single Sign-on for Web Services

CAS provides a common login experience for users accessing UGA web services with their MyID credentials through a one-time login.

Your CAS login will be active for the next 30 minutes. To end your session, log out of the web application or close your web browser.

You should see a green address bar with University of Georgia and a lock in your web browser. This is an additional security measure to ensure you are visiting the actual UGA CAS website. If you do not see this, do not type your MyID and password.

UGA units interested in using CAS on departmental systems may request access on the CAS information webpage.

Contact the EITS Help Desk for assistance with CAS.

Security Information:

Passwords are an important part of computer security. Anyone using the University of Georgia computing systems is required to select and maintain strong passwords, according to the University's Password Policy and Password Standard.

Identity information may be securely transmitted when logging in to third-party applications, as outlined by the University’s Privacy Policy.

By logging in via CAS, you agree to abide by the University's Policies on the Use of Computers.